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La correspondance militaire allemande en Moselle

1914-1918 / TOME VI

”The German military correspondence in Moselle” ● 1914-1918 series - Volume 6
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The military postal history of the 1914-1918 war in Moselle department (Deutsch-Lothringen) is complex but fascinating for collectors since it combines philately, marcophily and history. The Moselle front, covering several departments (Moselle, Vosges, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Bas-Rhin) experienced a very intense activity in August and September 1914, with important battles. The front then stabilized and the belligerents entered a war of position, without major stakes, for almost four years.

The "Armee-Gruppe-Falkenhausen" covered the area of operations, of which four divisions left the Moselle front at the end of September 1914. The military mail was handled by the "Feldpost", the military field post: "Feldpostexpedition" of the Falkenhausen army detachment, then the "Feldpoststation Nr. 128".

At the rear of the front, in the strongholds (Metz and Thionville) and garrison towns (Morhange, Saint-Avold, Forbach, Sarreguemines, Dieuze, Sarrebourg, Phalsbourg as well as the fortress and training camp of Bitche), military correspondence was handled by the "Reichspost", a civilian post.

This book addresses an original field of research that has led to numerous discoveries, sometimes unexpected and surprising.

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