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Le courrier militaire allemand dans le secteur du Donon et dans l’arrondissement de Molsheim

1914-1918 / TOME III

”German military mail in the Donon sector and in the district of Molsheim” ● 1914-1918 series - Volume 3
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The Donon mountain had been been bitterly disputed between the belligerents since August 1914 because it is a strategic access to Strasbourg via Schirmeck and the Bruche valley. Elements of the armies of General Dubail's and General von Falkenhausen's clashed there. The French army entered the Bruche valley, but was quickly pushed back to the Vosges side of the Donon. The German forces then established themselves permanently in the sector and fortified it. This was the role of the 84th Landwehr Brigade, which could also rely on neighboring divisions if necessary. At the rear of the front (Mutzig fort "Feste Wagner", Molsheim, Schirmeck,...), the German army fortified its positions and ensured the logistics.
The marks of the military post office as well as the franking stamps recounts the history of these German units which took part in the defense of this front, the fighting units as well as the innumerable support units. The date stamps of the various military field post offices that handled the mail of the sector (covering 4 departments: Bas-Rhin, Vosges, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle) are studied, including the "Feldpoststation Nr 125" located in Schirmeck and then in Raon-sur-Plaine.

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